What is a GO TELL Crusade?

The purpose of the GO TELL Areawide Crusade is to win the lost to our Lord Jesus Christ.  Then we help establish them in a local church where they can grow in grace, learn to serve, and determine the Lord’s perfect will for their lives.  The crusade will provide a challenge to Christians to live lives completely committed and surrendered to their Savior. We want to make an impact for Christ in your community and help strengthen the base of the local church as a steadfast body of believers proclaiming the Word of God.  Our aim is to exalt the Savior, expose sin, and enlist souls for the service of Christ.


We will seek to create an environment where churches of all denominations can join together to provide an opportunity for the unchurched to hear a clear, precise presentation of the Gospel at a neutral site.  Involvement in a cooperative evangelistic effort shows a unity of purpose – to make known to the community Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and to call men and women, boys and girls to a commitment to Him.  To reach your community effectively, it will take the combined efforts of the Body of Christ with a supernatural moving of the Holy Spirit.

When possible, pre-crusade meetings should be held in neutral locations.  If church facilities are used, we ask the local leadership to spread ownership of the crusade by arranging the meetings in different denominational locations to try to show neutrality.